All Suitcased Up and Stuck (for a few more days)

Posted by in Adventure on January 27, 2012 0 comments

Well we survived the move out of the place we used to call ‘home’ and are stuck in a 2 roomed hotel apartment for the next seven days. We have suitcases everywhere, which were mighty fun as we mounted two flights of stairs with them.

I must admit, I was mighty proud of my boys today, because when I asked them that it’s time to help, they helped like I’ve never seen before. Taking boxes up to the moving truck, box after box, all the way from our rear unit passed units one and two to the street as I tried to hurry up the hourly rate process my movers were charging me. My little one wanted praise every time he lifted another box, telling me that he had already done two more boxes than his big brother and that he was a bigger help. As a reward, he was able to choose what we had for dinner.

Then, the poor thing, got jammed in the car between the car door and the esky with a washing basket holding my printer on top, and every time I made a left hand turn, the washing basket would invade his space even more and fly into his head. He soon learnt to hold onto it, as I learnt to say “I’m turning!”

With all the lifting, cleaning, walking between the truck and the house and lugging about suitcases, I’m sure I’m going to be aching all over in the morning… but it’s well worth it, knowing what will happen in a little over a week. 🙂