Beach Night and Games Night

Posted by in Adventure, Family on February 10, 2013 0 comments

This weekend was pretty cruisy for us. It started on Friday night, spending a glorious night at the beach with a girlfriend and our sons just mucking up on the beach. Families came from everywhere to fill up the spaces on the sand, while fish n chips were consumed, glasses of wine and beer were flowing freely and the sun glistened on the beautiful waters.

The boys found a shark’s head (just a little one) washed up on the sand near the bluestone wall, and then they jumped off the pier – one of the best thing’s a boy could do growing up in our beach culture (unfortunately, my iPhone ran out of battery power when they jumped off the pier).
We left after the sun set and all the families had disappeared. It was simply breathtaking walking along the abandoned sand in the stillness of the night, up the darkened ramp by the light of the moon, through the trees with not a soul around. 
On Saturday, I took my boys and two of their friends to see ‘Wreck it Ralph’ at the cinema. While they enjoyed the movie, I sat in a cafe below the cinema and wrote another 3000 words of my epic novel (it’s feeling quite epic now!). After I paid for my drink at the cafe, I saw from a distance the boys were standing to the side waiting for me, but chatting to a couple of girls. They were a couple of girls from school, but it put a smile on my face that they are ‘mingling.’
Saturday night was ‘games night.’ The boys wanted to play a few board games rather than watch TV. We played Scrabble with my old Scrabble board I probably got thirty years ago, but instead of being ‘Scrabble’ it was called ‘Funworder.’ (basically a Scrabble rip-off). My 11 year old won, mainly because he had the Q and Z.
Then we had a game of Cluedo, where Mustard with the candlestick in the games room was guessed by Yours Truly.
And then they were introduced to Pictionary… where I was the ‘picturist’ and the boys guessed my fairly ordinary drawings. Again my 11 year old won, even though he had a convincing lead for most of the game, he ended up winning by a nose in the end.
Again, bedtime was after midnight after our board game fun, but Sunday was a nothing day, where pancakes were cooked for a late breakfast, a game of Pictionary with my 9 year old being the ‘picturest’ and an afternoon of work for me. I’m glad the boys and I had a chance of having some ‘free’ fun for the weekend.