End of School Holiday Fun!

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This weekend we were supposed to go to Sydney, but due to unforeseen circumstances and a not very well child, it has had to be postponed for the moment… Yesterday, the boys let me have some hours to myself, which was nice, but today was a today for us to have some family fun!

We decided to venture up to the city by train and see what mischief we could get up to.

We got off the train at Melbourne Central. Somehow he was excited that we were in the ‘subway’ which I know we have been plenty of times before, but it could have been the first time we actually got off at a station within the ‘subway’ (which in Melbourne, we call the City Loop!) This was what was above the ‘subway’…
A heritage listed ‘shot tower’ encased in a glass cone (and a shopping centre!)
We decided to go bowling, at supposedly the ‘best ten-pin bowling alley in Melbourne’ according to some Top 10 Best and Worst Bowling Alley’s website I found. It was Strike Bowling in the QV Building. We were lucky to be the first one there for the day, so we had the place to ourselves, for about…. ummm…. 15 minutes.
We played 2 games… my 11 year old won the first game (because the guards were down for me, whereas the boys relied on the guards to let them bounce all over the place and get some fluke shots!) And my 9 year old won the second game due to his unorthodox tactics.
We had some amazing fries with ketchup and aioli (must admit, were probably the best fries I’ve ever had!). They then played some foosball, and some air-hockey. 
We then came out of the dungeon of the neon-lit bowling alley back up to street level and walked through the city, watching the street performers, the horses and carriages and the colourful people that make up our great city. We ventured down to Southgate and found Chill On – the Ice Lounge. We were told we couldn’t take photos inside, but I sneaked in a couple!!
The boys played some air-hockey on an ice table, as well as noughts and crosses on a second ice table. We drank our cocktails/mocktails in ice glasses and admired all the amazing ice sculptures within the -10 degree cold room.
We then chilled out (or should I say defrosted) at the Transport Bar at Federation Square for a late lunch before taking the train back home.
Another fun day… tomorrow will be the last day we get to enjoy the holidays together before they are back at school (due to it being a public holiday). Who knows what we will be up to!