Flashing Fences and Fairy Lights

Posted by in Adventure, Family on December 22, 2012 0 comments

Tonight, the boys and I went ‘street stalking’ for homes dressed in all the festive cheer. In previous years, we’ve seen the hours lining up along Beach Road with all their shimmer and light, but this time, we thought we would discover a couple of hidden secrets. A scanned the internet and some Facebook recommendations from friends to see what was around locally. I had no idea that people actually jumped out of their cars, were allowed to roam around the front gardens of these home and enjoy the beautiful displays of lights, blow up Santas and Christmas trees and painstaking effort some people put into creating these illuminating marvels, but it’s nice to see the Christmas spirit is alive amongst the community.

For the locals, we started in Park Road Cheltenham… the one and only place where I forgot to take my camera (sorry). We then drove along Blamey Street in Bentleigh East, turned right into one of the side streets and found a swarm of cars lined up to get into Gladesville Drive… and this is where we got out and took most of our photos.

This house looked like it had fireworks going off around it.
This house was the Taj Mahal of lights where everyone was gathered around and they even had a Santa handing out candy canes to the kids.
 There was even a doggy dressed in lights 🙂
The tropical Christmas night garden.
It was a nice break from our heavy duty cleaning day I told you about yesterday (yay! It’s all done… cleaned out the boy’s cupboards, the fridge, 4 loads of washing, cleaned windows, 3 dishwasher loads – one due to unmentionables in the fridge), plenty of vacuuming, cleaned out the boys school bags so they are ready for next year, dusting and throwing stuff away… let’s see how long it stays that way!). 
The weather was perfect for a night time stroll (it’s going to be 39 degrees Celsius tomorrow, so we’re primed for some pre-Christmas heat). Who knows what the day will bring us!
Happy weekend 🙂