Getting Ready for the Big Move.

Posted by in Adventure on January 22, 2012 0 comments

Moving house is never fun. However, you must admit, it can be cleansing. Most ‘intend’ to pack what they want to move, and discard all those things that they don’t need in their lives any more. Others get the movers to pack everything and all you do is shift one lot of stuff to another place with no sense in what you’ve taken with you.

When packing your boxes yourself, you soon realise how much stuff you can live without. Old birthday cards, dated sheet sets, clothes and shoes that you no longer wear, toys your kids have outgrown, broken things you’ve not bothered to toss out, out of date perfumes and food stuffs… the list goes on.

With four days to finish packing, I have reduced my wares to currently 10 boxes of ‘must keep’ stuff, 3 archive boxes of memories – one for each of us, a box of sporting goods/tools (‘the outdoors’ box), a box of glassware (that I’m really tempted to give to charity), a box of Lego and a Christmas decorations box (oh, and the ‘must keep’ tax records…) All I have to pack still is half the kitchen and sort out our clothes.

There have been plenty of things going to charity as well as other things selling on Ebay. I’m keeping my basic furniture and tossing out all food stuffs and cleaning products once I have finished. We will be down to our bare basics and free to do what we want! 🙂

It’s amazing how healing it is to be relentless and throw away things that were once dear to you. I’ve given to charity teddy bears from old boyfriends, thrown away my whole teenage letter collection, and got rid of all the DVDs that my boys once loved and are treasured classics, but I’m afraid will no longer be viewed. I’ve probably thrown away thousands of dollars worth of stuff that have gone passed our used-by date, but at the same time, I’ve made a pretty penny selling stuff too. Either way, it all helps rid ourselves of one life and move onto the next.