School Holidays are here again!

Posted by in Adventure on September 22, 2012 0 comments

So it’s the first day of the school holidays. It’s hard to plan anything, as my work is quite overwhelming at this time of year, and the boys tend to look at the school holidays as their time to sleep in, stay up late and not have any of the responsibilities they have during term. However, I tell them otherwise… that their chores still need to be done, that they need to continue their reading and somewhere along the line we will have some fun and they might get a chance to see some of their friends.

Last night, I took the boys to see ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid – Dog Days’ which was quite funny, as I had forgotten that we had actually read the book as part of reading with my youngest and remembered the broken up version of what we read. Then we went out for dinner at our usual restaurant when we go to the movies (which I’m kind of getting sick of), and then we had the complaints… ‘I don’t want anything else to eat besides chips,’ ‘I want to go home, I’m tired’ but then ‘I want to stay up when we get home.’ Aarrggghhh… it’s not even Day One and it’s on!

We talked about going to the Royal Melbourne Show this weekend thinking it was Grand Final day for the football, but I was wrong – it’s next weekend, which hopefully means that the Show won’t be so busy next Saturday, as most families get together with friends and have a barbecue or fill the 110,000 seats at the Melbourne Cricket Ground to watch the biggest event in September in Melbourne. (hopefully I haven’t mozzed it!). I know I’ve been to the zoo on Grand Final day in the past and it was dead quiet, making it a much more enjoyable experience. The boys have looked at the website and have chosen their show bags, which rides they want to go on and what they want to do. Now we have a week to wait, there’s plenty of bribing time in there to say that if they don’t behave we won’t go, so hopefully I will get a week’s worth of good behaviour!

Today, it was a struggle to get the boys out of their pyjamas at 1.30pm and enjoy the sunshine by going for a walk and grabbing a milkshake at one of the local cafes. I wanted to walk through the local heathland which I’ve always known it to be there, but hadn’t made an effort to actually walk through it, but unfortunately, we discovered it is gated heathland which is only open a couple of times a week to protect the foliage and animals that live there. So we couldn’t get in.

Tomorrow, we’re off to a fundraiser. A friend is going to Kenya in January to help an orphanage for a month and he needs to raise funds to help him get there, so we thought we would tag along. Hope to give you an update on that tomorrow and possibly some photos!

As for the rest of the week, there could be a sleepover at friends’ houses, and a few play dates, but I think most of all, the boys are looking forward to their pyjama days. I also have them on my back about buying a TV for their playroom so they can set up their Wii which has been boxed since we moved here (Might have to just do it so that their noise is behind a closed door while I’m working!). They have had a big term, with moving house, going to Fiji, my oldest has been part of a solar boat challenge, my youngest has one-on-one tutor once a week, which is really intense for him, they have had their hockey and basketball, as well as everything else that goes on in their little heads and hearts.

It is hard when you’re self-employed when school holidays come… the boys don’t like holiday programs anymore… they might go to the basketball one at the local basketball stadium in the second week for a day, but otherwise they don’t like going to any organised programs… however they were great when they were younger and they spent most of the holidays at them.

So that’s the plan for the holidays. (not really a plan at all, is it!?). I’m sure I’ll be going crazy by the end of it all, but I do like the fact that I don’t have to get up to make breakfast, lunches and ensure they have everything they need in their school bags for a couple of weeks. It does take the pressure off a little bit… but then again, the pressure comes in a different form… 🙂