One Word

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I had my first speech about my book last week. It went really well. I was almost going to be a no show, because at 3pm I was hugging the porcelain after an attempt of a detox diet and I was feeling worse for wear. But with a small bowl of steamed rice to reduce the gurgling, I made it to my inaugural speech about my exciting new book.

I had a very interesting audience to deliver my speech to. Some very conservative, some very liberal and many in between. The emcee blushed at the title, and most were unsure of what exactly would be presented and it was good to keep them guessing.

I put my speech notes on the lectern and with a touch of nerves, I started my speech. I handed them all a little publicity handout with a picture of the front cover of the book, the bonnet of a red convertible Mustang driving through the open roads and the barren landscape of New Mexico, with some details about where to get my epic book. I had rehearsed my speech, with and without notes, but I am an ummer and ahher, so I needed to prompt myself on the information I actual knew, but more to keep it all in order.

I told my smaller than normal audience, that I have included inspirational speeches from some amazing citizens of this world at the beginning of each chapter, just to set the tone of who each chapter will unfold. And I gave them a brief overview about the plot of the story. I also told them, that there is a lot of  me in the book, but I will never tell which parts are fictional and which parts are not, that is for YOU to decide.

The feedback after my speech was extremely positive. Those who were too scared to buy the book because of the risque title decided that they actually will buy the book because it sounds so amazing. And that’s where I come to the ‘one word.’ORGASM. Yes it’s confrontational, yes it conjures up the meaning of sex, but think beyond it and understand that sex is a natural part of human existence, and whilst there is some erotic scenes in the book, there is so much more about an underlying journey of trying to find happiness in one life.

Don’t forget, “On the Road to the Best Orgasm Ever” comes out on December 4, 2014 on Amazon and iTunes as an eBook. You can reserve your copy now, and as an eBook, it’s so much easier to read it discreetly in the privacy of wherever you want to be.