Taking A New Road

Posted by in Events Tags: , , , on December 11, 2014 0 comments

After the successful launch of ‘On the Road to the Best Orgasm Ever’, I’ve been secretly working away on my first non-fiction book. So far, it is untitled (which is unusual for me!), but it’s a compilation of blogs, stories, information and photos of the trip we took to Europe last year. Essentially it’s a guide to how to travel well spending it up some days but tightening the purse strings others, all as a single parent, and without a travel agent!

It’s actually quite interesting to see the price differences (some are dramatic, others are tame) in less that two years of the same accommodation and the same activities, however with the changing currencies and taxes.

Anyway, this book will only be available on eBook as a travel companion for single  parents thinking about giving their kids the dream holiday before they get too old and it becomes too expensive!