The ‘feel good’ of the ‘Orgasm’

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Meg Ryan faked one in When Harry Met Sally… and it’s known as one of the most memorable scenes in modern cinema. Monica (Courtney Cox) counted through the erogenous zones to fake one when showing Chandler (Matthew Perry) how to make love to a woman properly in the hit show ‘Friends’… so why is there a stigma behind ‘Orgasm’ in the title of my book? A lot of book reviewers or book bloggers are passing it up because of the ‘scary’ title and even iTunes is making me categories it as ‘erotica’ because of the title… when in reality, whilst there is some ‘erotica’ in it, it’s not dictating the story line.

I see ‘On the Road to the Best Orgasm Ever’ as being ‘contemporary women’s fiction’ – it’s a mixture of romance, adventure, erotica and inspiration. There really isn’t a current genre that fits it. Maybe we should make it up! ‘Desirable Lifestyle’, ‘Going Against the Norm,’ ‘Daring to Change,’ ‘Fictional Growth,’ ‘Inspirational Fictional Journeys’… I don’t know, but what I’m trying to say is that IT’S DIFFERENT! MIND-CHANGING! and THOUGHT-PROVOKING!

Whilst many people are buying it, and for those, I thank you, the feedback I’ve been getting is that they see it as some type of ‘how to’ book and feel that they know everything they need to know when it comes to sex, so they don’t need to buy the book because they feel it’s explaining some raw revealing way to make your body explode! And guess what? That’s the secret… you need to read it to find out, but at the same time, it’s a NOVEL not a ‘how to’ book.

As we approach the middle of the 2010s, you would think that human nature has evolved to a point that ‘orgasm’ is a natural, acceptable word to use in the English language… that there isn’t taboos and innocent laughter behind it like 9th grade girls secretly talking about what their boyfriends do to them that makes them feel good.

So in saying that… the book creates those ‘feel good feelings’ as part of the journey. It opens your eyes to different ideas that go against the conventional, but also awakens your soul. AND IT’S STILL A NOVEL!!

“On the Road to the Best Orgasm Ever” is available now as an eBook on Amazon and iTunes via your own iTunes account.