Christmas Giving Without the Bulk

Posted by in Family on December 13, 2011 0 comments

With Christmas only 12 days away, and my boys and I are without ‘home’ only a month after, I’ve told my boys that Christmas this year will be different. How do you give a 10 year old and an 8 year old Christmas gifts without giving them baggage that they will have to take with them to wherever we go? The answer is, make the presents consumable.

As Santa is apparently not real to a 10 year old and an 8 year old in my house, the presents will be obvious that they are from Mum. Jocks, socks and a toothbrush will pad out the stocking nicely, as will chocolates, lollies and some toothpaste. Glow sticks are perfect to use on New Years Eve, so they will get a bit of a go and water bombs are perfect for a hot summer afternoon’s play. My boys don’t mind a bit of bath-time indulgence, so bath bombs and bubble bath add some weight to the stocking, and some Christmas cookies add to the cheer. They love Bey Blades and Trashies at the moment, which are pretty small and transportable, and of course they will get some books to read and activity books to stretch the mind over the holidays. They both need new shin guards for sports which are easy to pack away. The one thing they will be disappointed in, is that I have banned new electronic games this year because they have too many and I want them to be more outdoorsy.

So in saying that… the gift that lasts a life time is a memory, so the remainder of their gifts are vouchers to do things – movie vouchers, bowling vouchers, horse-riding vouchers, ice-skating vouchers and even vouchers to an outdoor adventure store to buy hiking gear, wet-weather gear, Camelbaks, whatever it is to nurture that sense of adventure (which can be spent after we move!). One thing I will give them that is light weight and becoming quite popular in my house in terms of asking Mum to buy, is new songs or game apps from iTunes; so an iTunes voucher is definitely on the cards.

So there it is, not too bulky, definitely consumable and within 30 days, there shouldn’t be any evidence of Christmas around except some new jocks and shin guards.  And nothing to pack!! And if I’m lucky, they will like their new Christmas present selection, especially when there is so much choice to do things in the holidays and will opt for an activity filled Christmas stocking every year so we don’t fill the house up each year with unwanted stuff that only gets thrown out to make room for more stuff 11 months later. I’m sure you mums out there hear what I’m saying.