How the innocent rekindle the family spirit

Posted by in Family on December 27, 2011 0 comments

As you all know, my boys are ten and eight. They are still so very innocent in many ways, but they are developing their worldly ways at a rate of knots. They are starting to become opinionated, defending their reasons and learning the art of negotiation. It’s fantastic to see that they are developing their own personalities and becoming individuals. However, they aren’t the ‘innocent’ I’m talking about. It’s the newborns, the toddlers, those who are still finding their feet in this wonderful world and constant having personal ‘firsts,’ they are the one’s who really reunite a family.

In recent times, there has been a little baby boom in my little circle. Friends from school going for number three or four after their youngest has turned eight. Friends taking the late 30s/early 40s approach to parenting, and newly-wed friends becoming settled and starting their families. It’s the little ones who create so much joy. That 6 month to 2 year age group, where they are starting to crawl and walk, starting to say their first words and starting to show some personality. They give you the biggest hugs, they start pointing at everything, they don’t mind having their diaper/nappy changed and they are particular with who looks after them. Your heart breaks when they just want to be with their mum, when all you want to do is give his or her mum a break. And as long as you don’t mind the slobber, the stinky nappy and the occasional pumpkin filled sneeze, you’ll do anything to be with them.

I keep a close eye on a number of the little ones. All developing at their own rate. Some have learnt sign language, some have had some heartbreaking health issues, some have extended family members who can’t stay away, but all bring immense joy to those who love them. And with this joy, all family dysfunction seems to wither away, because the meaning of family seems to be rekindled through the innocent, the helpless and those heartwarming smiles. Even those who claim they don’t like kids seem to have a soft spot for this age group.

So when you feel that your family is being torn in all directions due to individual commitments, differing opinions, travel and adventure, maybe the universe will bring the joy back to your family in the form of a cute little bundle of baby and reunite you all in a most unique and most unexpected way.