Some Dads are Heroes

Posted by in Family on May 22, 2012 0 comments

Today I met this dedicated Dad who’s life fell apart when his wife ran off with his best friend. He worked 6 days a week as a butcher, creating a beautiful lifestyle for his family, his three boys. While working hard, giving his boys the best he could, his oldest son told him that his wife was drinking alcohol while driving the boys to school… soon after, she left, moved to Queensland from Melbourne, and demanded a weird custody arrangement where she wanted full custody of the youngest son, 50% custody of the middle son, and didn’t want any custody of the older son, as she suspected he had A.D.D. He took his wife to court, demanding 100% custody of all the boys, as he felt she wasn’t fit to be a mother.

He won full custody. She has seen her sons twelve times in the past two years, and he has given up his businesses to raise his boys.

Since she left, their son who had suspected A.D.D. has had a rebirth. His grades are in the highest in his class, he’s dedicated to his studies and his Dad has given him the time of day that he needed to become a better person. There is no sign of any disorder in him. Their middle son, struggles with reading and writing, but perseveres as his Dad helps him, he doesn’t play at lunch so he can study and get better… he essentially has a learning disorder but knows he needs to put the time in to make it happen. He is, however, wonderful with his hands, loves to tinker with mechanics and is quick witted like a comedian. Their youngest son is only three, and is Dad’s right hand man around the house.

This Dad has no life outside his boys. He has no social life as he lost his best friend and his wife, he admitted that he hasn’t been with a woman in two years, and no one wants to help him with his kids. His mum comes to help clean the house once a week, but he’s too humble to ask anyone for anything more. He lost his licence for six months, and they all took up cycling which he said was the best summer he’s ever had with his boys – cycling to the beach, cycling to the park, just spending time together and teaching them the road. He takes a backpack each day to the supermarket and gets his groceries. He makes life happen.

And even though his life is on hold, he said he’d dearly love a little girl to spoil… maybe even another seven kids… he loves them so much. He truly is a hero of a Dad.