The First Day of Summer…

Posted by in Family, Single Mum Life on October 19, 2012 0 comments
… we’ll it is for us, as today was the first day of the season that we enjoyed Friday night fish n chips on the beach with friends…. hopefully the first of many!
It was funny how it happened… The day started off rainy, almost stormy with high humidity, but the bureau declared that it would be 27 degrees Celsius and sunny… how wrong were they. But by the time I picked up my oldest son from school after attending school camp for 3 days, the rain had turned to a sun filled extremely warm day. As we waited for my younger son to finish school, the humidity really made the day feel exhausting, so I decided to drive the boys up to 7-11 to get a Slurpee. As we waited in the traffic, we were lined up next to my friend driving in the same direction. We wound down the windows, she said she’d been meaning to text me and wanted to know if we would like to go to the beach for dinner tonight. We had no plans, the nights were getting longer, so why not?  And that’s how it happened…
A couple of hours later, the wind had picked up a little, but it didn’t affect our little Half Moon Bay as it’s sheltered by the bluff and the tea-tree lined sandhills. I set up camp, putting the towels out over the sand to sit on, and the boys stripped off to go into the water… however the water was still a little chilly for the time of year. I had one son not caring about the temperature, the other who just wasn’t interested in going in, then decided to sit miserably on the sand waiting for his friends to show. As for me, I just admired how beautiful our little beach is, and how wonderful it was that so many families were enjoying the evening there too.
When my friend turned up with her two boys, and three extra friends, all seven boys had a dip in the water (except my youngest who still kept saying it was too cold!), and then they went over to jump off the pier before walking to the other side of the beach to climb Red Bluff. We ordered out fish n chips, drank a bottle of bubbly between us and toasted my friend for her birthday tomorrow. We sat, chat and had a few laughs… such a nice ending to the week.
As the boys came back at the smell of food, we ate our Dory, potato cakes, calamari and chips as we watched the sun set over the bay… just a perfect ending to the working week.
We packed up everything as the light began to fade just before 8pm. The older boys walked home, while I took my two, and my friend took her younger two in the car. If only every Friday night could be as blissful as this!