The Funniest 10 Year Old Birthday Party

Posted by in Family on August 30, 2013 0 comments

My son has his birthday today. When we were in Europe we planned who he would invite for his sleepover party, what they would eat and what they would do. He was super excited about it. We sent invitations out last week, and since then, he and his friends have been planning every minute detail. He convinced his friends to bring corn chips & salsa to make nachos, and other friends to bring lollies. Another friend brought Nerf guns so that they could have a Nerf war… truly funny how they orchestrated it all by themselves.

The invitation was to start at 5pm… but on the way home from school, I get a phone call from one of the kids asking if we are home yet as he had already arrived.. it was 3.40pm… Told him we would be 2 minutes! Funny! We got home, and this little boys’ Dad’s apprentice dropped him off – cute, possibly 20 years old, dragged in a bag full of corn chips, cheese and salsa. Stayed for a few minutes, told me the boys will be happy sleeping on the floor and left.

The boys played their Nerf wars outside, played a bit of tiggy and came inside for some nachos or a drink between running around. It was truly great to see them running around and being active. Occasionally they would come inside and play my son’s new drum kit! Oh, my poor neighbours.

Gradually the others arrived… 5 in total (5 is all I could handle), with the last one’s mum happy to open a bottle of sparkling with me and have a chat. I blew up the air mattress, and they decided to make it a wrestling pit. But completely orchestrated – complete with videographer, commentator and taking turns being the two wrestlers. Hilarious! After they fought each other too much, they decided to give each other ‘time out’ corners on every corner of the room – knowing exactly whose corner was whose. And it wasn’t once they did it, it was probably five or six times. And they stayed there for 5 minutes, catching their breath, reducing the sting of any hurts and psyching themselves up for the next battle. And they did this all themselves.

After 4 packets of corn chips, 2 bottles of salsa and plenty of drinks, pizza arrived. They all agreed for me to buy 5 pizzas, but only ate two (guess what I’m having for lunch and dinner over the next 2 days).

While they ate their pizza, they talked about how their teachers are teaching them how to dance for their school concert. I had some wildly graphic descriptions how the teachers are showing them how to jiggle, but they aren’t even moving, it’s only their ‘flubber’ that’s moving!

I gave them some jelly and one of the boys brought the book “Go the F*&^ to Sleep.” So they all huddled up together eating their jelly, listening to one of the boys read them this feral bedtime story. We then had birthday cake, and one of the boys had to go, even though you could see he was having the best time!

After another Nerf war and the revelation of a big bowl of lollies, they asked me to show them ‘Ernest The Engine’ (You Tube it! It’s hilarious!). They couldn’t stop laughing. Now they are sitting sedately watching a movie most mothers wouldn’t approve of… but luckily, most of the boys’ parents are ok with it.

I just think it’s funny how the boys have essentially organised all the fun for themselves… I’ve just provided a place for them to do it and pizza. Kids have come a long way since I was 10. There would be no way that I would have a say in my party, let alone have a party at all. All the kids are great kids… all have thanked me endlessly for drinks and the pizza, apologise if something has gone a little wrong, have stopped when I’ve told them they are too rowdy or the noise level is too much, and they have listened and settled down. It’s so good that kids these days can actually feel confident enough to say what they want, yet have the manners to show respect to their environment and people providing or helping them.