When Boys Bring the Love… to friendship

Posted by in Family, Relationships on November 7, 2011 0 comments

Have you ever noticed that boys will Hi-5, pat their mates on the back or even give each other a massive group hug when they play team sports, roughing each others hair up and overwhelming happy to be on the team, but never interact with each other affectionately otherwise (unless they are brothers)? They don’t greet each other with a hug when they come over for a play or see each other at the mall.  Where as girls will meet and greet with hugs and kisses as they mimic their parents doing the same with their friends.

This link is an amazing story about an autistic boy who was very much part of a college basketball team as the team manager. He was their biggest supporter and overly enthusiastic at their matches. Watch the link to see what happens… it brings you to tears, of joy.