Getting to know Sarah

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Sarah Collins is in her mid-late 30s in the novel “On the Road to the Best Orgasm Ever.” She has lived a life that was expected. A life that started with school, university, meet the ‘love of her life’ which in reality was settling for someone who wanted to make a life with her, get engaged and married, buy a house and have her children all before she turned 35. You know the story… the story that throws you the questions from nosy future in-laws, desperate mothers who want to be grandmothers, girlfriends who live vicariously through you because they still haven’t found a man who will love them, and the butcher who sees you every week, knowing exactly how your future husband likes his rump steak. They all know that you will eventually get married, and they are all impatient to get her life started.  Sarah had the same impatience too … she wanted to get married, she wanted to buy a house she could call a home and she wanted to have the perfect children and give them the childhood she missed out on, because she was being physically abused by her father, and her mother only knew how to say the word ‘no’ to anything she asked for – playdates with friends, invitations to parties, a treat at the supermarket, or to buy some fashionable clothes so she could fit in with her school mates. She felt repressed and had no voice of her own, and that’s all she knew life to be. She recognised that she never wanted her children to feel repressed, so she chose to raise her children with love, attention and affection, and let them know that anything was possible.

Sarah’s dream of having her family was complete when her second son Ben was born. Yet, she found it extremely odd that the afternoon, the very day she gave birth to her beautiful boy and completed her family, was the day she was plugging away at the keyboard of her laptop on her hospital bed, working to earn a dollar because her dependent husband didn’t have a consistent income and give Sarah a much-needed break to be a mother. It wasn’t the dream she had signed up for… it wasn’t the marriage she signed up for.

It was around the time Ben was born she started to question why she no longer felt attracted to her husband. He went from university degree to university degree, to minimum wage earner to self-employed pipe-dream artist. He hadn’t held a steady job in the whole time they had been together. Well, not enough to support their family. She sparked an attraction to heart throb Matthew McConaughey and became infatuated. If she wasn’t working, breast-feeding, running errands or domestic chores, she was quietly stalking Matthew McConaughey on any website she could find that had a new photo, any new gossip or new appearances for her beloved idol. Her husband, Johann, started getting a little concerned about her infatuation, to the point of feeling jealous and threatened, wondering why Matthew was more interesting than him. But Matthew made her feel womanly, made her feel not only a mother, wife and a provider, but desirable. Something her husband couldn’t do.

Sarah felt like she was falling into the same trap with her husband as she had with her parents. He was telling her what she couldn’t do, or what he objected. He was hurting her physically, but more so, emotionally tearing her heart out by not letting her do the motherly things she needed to do to nurture her children. It killed her inside, when he forbade her from attending to her crying son in the next room. She did everything to appease her husband so he wouldn’t get upset with her – she bought him expensive clothes, a Rolex watch, a ticket to Rome to discuss his talent with a celebrated gallery… but nothing was ever good enough for Johann.

So when Johann disappeared, it was the start… the start of her journey to find her best orgasm ever.