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Sarah’s married sex life was, how can you say it? Routine. She on top always, he asking for blow jobs always, and Johann’s effort with foreplay was reaching down between her legs to see if she was wet or not… and even if she wasn’t wet, he positioned her on top of him so that their naked dry humping might cause her to lubricate up. He never once thought to buy any lubricant, nor did he try to arouse her to make Sarah feel good about herself. Sex to Sarah, with Johann, was constantly disappointing… and she tried to spice it up, yet he wouldn’t have anything to do with it.

Sarah always had a sense of adventure, even when they first met. Over the years, she tried to convince Johann to do it on the couch, in the kitchen, on the lounge room floor, and even go for a midnight walk and do it on a park bench. He wouldn’t even go for different positions… Always the same… When he bought his first car, she suggested that they ‘christian’ it, but Johann said it would be too uncomfortable and the gear shift would get in the way. She suggested that they have sex at her parent’s house one day, and amongst the crowded floor of a sleep-over after a friend’s 21st. But Johann wanted none of it. He wanted the comfort of a bed, and a bed only. It frustrated Sarah to bits that there couldn’t be more excitement in their sex life.

So with a boring mundane sex life, came boring mundane orgasms… well fake orgasms, because their sex life wasn’t thrilling enough to reach the ultimate climax of bliss.

While they were still dating, but living together, and Sarah was still within the healthy weight range on her BMI, Johann started picking on her… He would tell her her thighs are too fat, her lard ass had grown and her belly fat ‘needed to go.’ And year and year, she succumbed to his cruel words, making her feel even more self-conscious of her body image, less desirable and less able to orgasm. Hence the faking… She dieted, went to gyms, even booked herself into weight-loss centres to do anything to make her body image what it was when they first met in her late teens. But even with all the effort she made, Johann would still say to Sarah ‘what happened to the gorgeous girl I met all those years ago? I’m sure she’s still in there…’ as he pinched the fat on her thighs. As you can imagine, the more he picked on her, the heavier she became, and her self-esteem was shot.

It got to the point that their sex life was so degraded, Sarah refused to give Johann any more blow-jobs. His uncircumcised penis stank because he never cleaned it. One day he insisted, grabbing her by the hair and pushing her down on him. She tried to wiggle herself away from him, but he just kept pulling her hair tighter. The only way out was to subtly graze her teeth against his shaft, so that after he exploded in her mouth, and she was released, he felt a slight sting from the abrasion and would be sore for days. He said ‘less teeth next time.’ He knew then not to every force her to go down on him again.

So, as you can imagine, Sarah spent the first 20 years of her adulthood not knowing what it truly felt to have an orgasmic rush, to be utterly desirable and truly made love to… that’s why she started this journey, to have the best orgasm ever.

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