Sarah’s struggles

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For most of Sarah’s life, she has struggled with doing the right thing by others and forgetting about doing the right thing for herself. She put her husband’s needs before her own, she put her children’s needs before her husband’s needs, she put her client’s needs before everyone else’s needs, because if she didn’t have her business, she had nothing to give to her family… so she kept her clients the happiest. She also did everything her parents wanted her to do, and she did every moral thing society expected from her. She never had a speeding or parking fine, she never smoked pot, she didn’t get drunk before she was of legal age. She didn’t want to get in trouble. However, even from her mid teens, she loved sex. And as long as she practiced safe sex, she knew she couldn’t get in trouble, she could only get a broken heart.

So, for Sarah to go against the boundaries, break the barriers of her upstanding ways, it took a lot of courage for Sarah to go through with it. In “On the Road to the Best Orgasm Ever” Sarah tears down so many barriers that had kept her from being the real person she knew was inside her. She became confrontational, she became an adulteress, she defied the family hierarchy, and most of all, she found her voice and she learned to laugh at herself…

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