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I’ve had people ask me recently about the cover of “On the Road to the Best Orgasm Ever.” So I thought you may be interested in why I chose this cover, and not some sexually suggestive image.

“On the Road to the Best Orgasm Ever” is a journey… a journey of the unknown, a journey of creating a clean slate in life and moving forward without knowing exactly what’s ahead of you. The photo is a photo I took driving along a highway in New Mexico in a red convertible Mustang when I was over there researching the book. To me this road, with no one else on it, represents freedom – freedom to be whomever you want to be, freedom to explore wherever you want to explore, freedom to be orgasmically in charge of your own life in the way only you know how. This image emphasises the true essence of the book, and the font I used, with the ‘wobbly O’ in ‘orgasm’ represents the quivering sensation and uncertainty of pleasure that both a sexual orgasm and a the ‘orgasm’ in life gives us when we are truly happy and let go of all that hinders us.

I hope you like it, and appreciate it for the story behind it.

Don’t forget you can go to the SHOP section of this website and buy the book from a number of retailers now – iTunes, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Xlibris and get your signed copies from me.

Happy reading!

Suzy x