2016… One Mighty Big Rollercoaster

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Well 2016… what can we say? You’ve been a mighty big rollercoaster for many in their own microsystem, but an even bigger rollercoaster on the world stage. So many talented people gone, so much upheaval in world politics, so much unnecessary destruction…

For me, I can’t say it was all bad. 2016 created some momentous learning opportunities, lots of realisations, some heartfelt losses and the understanding of true friendship. The essence of great friendship is what 2016 will mean to me.  My friends have been there for me more than any other year this year – through good and bad. I had shared some amazing times with some beautiful people who have made me truly happy.  Always there to laugh, sing, cry, hug, confide in and be silly.

I guess my biggest learning curve throughout 2016 was how much I learnt about myself. The more I learnt about myself, the more I accepted myself, therefore my friends accepted me more because I was fighting less with myself.

So what’s in store for Suzy J Brown in 2017?


Well I will kick the year off with the Fresh New Suzy! My new blog ‘Single, Sassy and 40-Something’ – giving us 40-somethings some positive insights into being a better you, by learning from others, appreciating the simple things in life, and letting go of all the angst inside to bring out the light in you. I will interview different women who are inspiring, uplifting and understanding of the varying roles women need to play today to be successful in the various worlds we live.

One piece of food for thought that I would like you to think about is how 2016 and the years prior have moulded this current generation. This YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HK97VG-m3W0 gives us some profound insight into how we do things and how we have impacted social media and the sense of entitlement onto our kids. I plan to make some of the subtle changes it suggests to improve my kid’s lives, because I know my job is to prepare them for the big bad world, and they are getting closer to becoming independent and deep into it.

So, so long 2016, welcome 2017, and I look forward to providing some fabulous ideas and inspiration, warmth and friendly banter into your lives, and hopefully a new novel.

Suzy xx