Blind Faith

Posted by in Life choices on October 29, 2012 0 comments

We all have spiritual beliefs… some rely on religion to get them through the day, some believe in the universe and all that come from the stars, planets and time, and some turn to ancient predictions like those of Nostradamus, psychics and mediums who can talk to the deceased. But in essence, it is all blind faith. Faith in something outside ourselves that gives us hope.

In essence, ‘blind faith’ is a concept that makes us want to look into the future, and doesn’t concentrate on the ‘now.’ And by doing this, we all seem to want something that we can’t have, which for some can  bring us down and make us vulnerable, but for others it can make us proactive, and literally do everything we can to achieve our heart’s greatest desires.

No one really knows what the future holds, even if we talk to psychics, have our own premonitions, or get a message from God… no one really knows. We all know that Nostradamus predicted that 2012 was the end of life on this earth, and with the number of natural disasters happening this year, you wonder if there is reality to any of it and if we will actually see 2013, but no one is really preparing for the end now that we are here… With Hurricane Sandy on the edge of the East Coast of the US as we speak and building rather than subsiding, it truly is frightening knowing that the major business and political sector of this world could literally be under water in a matter of hours. But then, somehow, as a global population, we re-adjust and make the world a safer, more compassionate place once we have all been hit with some type of human tragedy or disaster.

So why do we look outside ourselves and not within ourselves to find a place of peace, happiness and prosperity? Why are so many people not happy within their own skin and place blame on others, or even God for not being able to find internal happiness? And why do with rely so much on other people giving us that sense of happiness and peace within ourselves when we should be able to find that by ourselves? It’s a complex argument, as there are so many differing factors that make us who we are, and circumstances also shape who we are, but if we can drop all that emotional baggage and look for the simple happiness that we can enjoy every day, then maybe, just maybe, we can find the strength to believe in our own abilities more and forget about the external energies that drag us back…

The reality is, if we can enjoy the simple pleasures – driving in the car singing the songs off the radio, walking in the sunshine, the joys of giving your children a hug or them asking you a question, feeling the rain on our skin, indulging in a book, catching up with friends, tasting the flavour in food, appreciating your nakedness and even the joy of waking up in the morning, then from these positive actions and appreciating their positive nature, we can build on those positives to bring bigger happinesses and opportunities to your life. And those happinesses and opportunities aren’t necessarily those happinesses and opportunities that you have stuck in your mind… they could be completely different, and that’s why it’s so important to live in the ‘now’ than the future or the past.

I’m not suggesting that we can’t have ambitions, but more enjoy the ride… enjoy the smaller things in life that give us happiness and not put pressures on ourselves that were set 20, 30 or 40 years ago because that’s what we always dreamed to have had and haven’t happened. If we live the life that is given to us, and not rely on the ‘blind faith’ of an outside force, work on the challenges that are presented to us so that they don’t impact us with negativity, then somehow our lives can be even better than we dreamed.

Humans by nature, put extreme pressures on ourselves, and sometimes on each other to achieve something that simply aren’t what was going to happen in our lives. But if we can look into ourselves, and stop placing judgement on each other and respect each other’s lives and decisions, show compassion to every living thing, find the truth within ourselves and stop pretending to be someone else, then maybe, just maybe, we can have a world where we can find harmony and happiness without relying on ‘blind faith.’