Couch Potato Fitness

Posted by in Life choices on February 15, 2013 0 comments

For all the time I’ve spent in front of the television over the years, I always thought someone could market a fantastic concept of ‘Couch Potato Fitness’ for those who struggle to give up their favourite television shows for fitness. Can you imagine writing a book or bringing out a DVD, or even put a special box together of small pieces of fitness equipment so you could do all your exercise in the comfort of your own couch?

My funky little concept uses the 5 minute commercial breaks as opportunities to exercise. Either by yourself or with a partner. You could use a partner to do resistance training in the legs pushing against each other, use light weights to do arm curls, do sit ups and other abdominal curls, push-ups with your feet on the couch or even use a fit ball to do leg raisers and core-strengthening balancing exercises with a partner. And I’m sure that’s just a few options to do, I’m sure there’s plenty more.

I see it in my boys, they always get restless when the commercial breaks come on – either roughhousing each other or simply have ants in their pants, so if you gave them something challenging to do with a fit ball, maybe they might act more like a team and do something constructive with their non-focused TV time. But, really, it’s a fabulous concept for mums wanting to have some down time at the end of the day, feel guilty for eating a bowl of ice-cream after dinner, and thinking ‘how am I going to work this off?’ You don’t need to go far… just lie on the couch and start raising those legs!

As my time is way too busy, I’d be happy for someone to create an exercise program, test its feasibility and start making some money from it. Who knows, it could be revolutionary!