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Every night we dream, some we remember, most we forget. It’s the one’s that we remember that tend to add curiosity to our thoughts throughout the remainder of the day.

I guess, the most important thing to remember about a dream is that the events that take place are a reflection on the dreamer, not necessarily the circumstance that happened in the dream. It could be a hidden desire, an undiscussed hurt, a conglomerate of waking thoughts that manifest into a subconscious thought, how we want things to be, how we fear things to be.

Some of my dreams this year have been bordering on psychic thought, and I tend to run the dreams past those who have been involved, just to know if my dream has any truth to it. I had one dream back in March, that woke me up in a cold sweat and two days later, the truth behind my dream was revealed to be real. I’ve had dreams that I’ve disclosed to my best friend and they had a similar dream that same night, involving the same people in similar circumstances. If this happens regularly, does that mean that we have a deep connection with that person, so deep that they could be considered our soul mate? Or is it just that we have similar thought processes going on at the time that our dreams are just exaggerated visions of our conscious thoughts?

I’ve had a series of dreams recently that I actually haven’t been in the scene, I’ve been more of a ‘fly on the wall’ looking into the event. I’ve looked at the plethora of internet dream dictionaries to see what it means, but it comes up with nothing, except that it’s about ‘me’ the dreamer, not the actual circumstance pictured in my dream. I know in my conscious mind, it’s how I would like to see the reality. Or it’s my mind piecing together the parts of the reality I know and creating my own reality of the situation. But I can only be sure of the reality, if I can share my dreams with others. And I think we all need to be able to do that, to see how much psychic thought we may actually have, or how much nonsense our dreams really are.

But really, all in all, our dreams are either how we want our lives to be or are the fears within our lives. In our conscious thought, our dreams are exactly what we want in life – some of us dream big for wealth, status and celebrity, and some of us dream of happiness, good health and joyous simplicity. Either way, those conscious thoughts come out in our subconscious dreams. I guess it should all be taken with a grain of salt, unless the truth is revealed… 🙂