Easter…. A Time for Religious Reflection

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Ok… I just want to state that my ‘religion’ is that I believe in myself first and foremost. If I can’t make something happen, I can’t blame anyone for my misfortunes, and transversely, if things work out for me, it’s because I believe that there is no reward without effort…. so I put a lot of effort into the things I want to be in my life. I believe in Darwinism (evolution) and that all people are created equal, and have the equal right to love whomever they wish.

So, as religion has taken centre stage in the press in recent weeks with the resignation and announcement of a new Pope and the debates about legalising gay marriage in the United States, you really have to wonder 1) how antiquated is the Bible in not moving on with the times of 21st century culture, moralistic and social behaviour? and 2) are Christians actually being less ‘Christian’ than those that don’t preach the word of the Lord because they are turning social inequalities into hate crimes and social injustices, therefore not ‘loving thy neighbour as they would love themselves?’

I know someone who feels like I banish him for his hypocrisies as a Christian unjustly because he thinks that every other person, religious or not has their own hypocrisies. And my argument is that those other people aren’t preaching about their moral concerns in society and then doing exactly what they don’t like behind closed doors. For instance, I know this person has broken at least nine of the Ten Commandments, so when is it deemed that he can no longer be a Christian for breaking the cardinal rules of his religion… when he commits murder? Not according to him, as he is allowed to repent his sins and wipe his slate clean. That’s how he thinks, that’s how he lives his life… It is OK in his Christian eyes to hurt other people, destroy their lives by committing sins against our westernised moralities and law and order legislation BECAUSE if he repents to God, he is forgiven and he can forget about any harm he has done to others, as God allows him to rebuild his life into the Christian life and path God had created for him, UNTIL he goes against it all AGAIN…. and AGAIN… and AGAIN. His Christianity never allows him to learn from his mistakes because he knows he will always be forgiven…. and by being forgiven, he will get the ultimate reward.. eternal life in Heaven. As that is what all Christians live for.

Whereas, if the Bible actually stated somewhere that once he committed his sin, he was no longer allowed to be part of that union – if that union be his wife, his family, his employer, his friend, his church, his community… then he would think twice before committing his sinful act, ensuring that he can’t hurt anyone in the process.

So why is it OK for a Christian to condemn the life of a gay man or a lesbian woman for being in love with one of their own? Our homosexual friends know no other love for them except that from a partner of the same sex. They don’t feel comfort, feel like they are in their own skin, if they can’t be loved by whomever they want to love. As do our heterosexual friends… we love in a relationship that makes us feel comfortable in being who we are. And how can ‘love’ be deemed so wrong by Christians when it is consensual between two adults? When by deeming it wrong, they are causing social war instead of peace in our communities, which by itself, war is actually going against their own religion… How can legalising gay marriage actually HARM anyone? It is widely accepted in our schools, communities and the media that gay couples exist and it is normal for two loving people, no matter which sex they are, to create a loving environment between them to have a family. In fact, the statistics are suggesting that children raised in gay families are more likely to be loved and appreciated more than those in nuclear families, due to strength they need to have to deal with all the ancient moral judgement they go through.

The Bible has many hypocrisies in it that don’t ‘fit’ into our legal moral world of today… slavery, the eating of pig, the treatment of women, etc. So if Christians have accepted that parts of the Bible don’t comply with today’s society, then why are they so hung bent on ruling against gay marriage? Marriage is a legal connection between two people who love each other and want to share their lives with each other so that they are legally responsible for each other. It is not a question of religion, it is not a question of societies expectations of them, it is a union BETWEEN TWO PEOPLE. No one else. So why should it even be a concern of anyone else, if the relationship is a loving union?

So this Easter, as we eat our Hot Cross Buns that represent the ‘cross’ Jesus was hung from as he died for us, as we eat the chocolate eggs that represent the resurrection of Jesus through the concept of ‘new life,’ really think about killing off the antiquated judgements of the Bible that doesn’t allow homosexuality, and giving new life to those who deserve to be loved by their chosen partner, as we all do, no matter what our sexual orientation is, and create peace within our communities, our governments and our people.