2014 was a pretty mixed year for me. It was an outstanding year for my day job, I lost my favourite aunt but in the process found what I always felt what ‘family’ should feel like when I visited New Zealand to say a final farewell to her after meeting long lost relatives; I loved spending time up at my lake house and spending time with my ‘lake family’ up there, I discovered that I did need to self-publish my book due to the way that the industry is these days, I let go of allowing people to hurt me, I started being more social attending Toastmasters meetings and going to French classes, I read more, I gave myself a little time out, and I fell in love with my beautiful puppy Dexter. There are always things that don’t happen the way you want – I didn’t lose any of the weight I aimed to lose at the start of the year (I fluctuated 3-4kgs), I didn’t find any Mr Rights, and I didn’t get my publishing contract. But I can say that I am now a published author, as I have sold books!

I asked my boys before what their New Years Resolutions would be. I had to explain to them that the start of the year is a time to evaluate what you could do better and give you a goal to work towards and achieve by the end of next year. My 13 year old said that he would like to read a book that he enjoys. I said that that just takes practice, and once you do read that enjoyable book, you will be searching for the next one. My 11 year old, who has dyslexia, said that he wants to make sure he doesn’t get an E on his report again. He is 2 years behind his years in his writing and reading and he wants to improve. I asked him how he is going to do better, and he said he will play more video games with writing instructions, read more books and write out more of his homework (rather than me doing it). I’m not sure if they chose bettering their reading because I am constantly on their back about it, or that they know that they are their faults and they know they need to work on them.

For me, my New Years Resolutions are again to lose weight… I have booked myself into a 12 week Boot Camp (3 days a week) starting next Monday… so that’s a start. I will have some exciting news next week to share with you about the progress of my book “On the Road to the Best Orgasm Ever”, I would like to plan more social events so I get out more and meet people, I would like to enjoy eating healthily more than I like eating chocolate, I would like to finish my 10 speeches at Toastmasters to be a Competent Communicator (I did 2 last year), I would like to finish writing another book, and I would like to take my boys on another overseas trip before the end of the year… maybe a white Christmas somewhere.

So they are my plans. I hope 2014 has been kind to you and you look forward to an amazing 2015, full of renewed hope, beautiful people, lots of laughter and effervescent joy in your lives.

Suzy xx