If the world was going to end, what would be the one thing you’d take with you?

Posted by in Life choices on November 22, 2011 0 comments

It’s a funny question, as if the world were to end, there’s no point in taking anything because we’d all die… but hypothetically, if the world ended as we know it, and we were all air lifted onto another planet to start a new life, what would you take?

The question was posed at a friend’s Jewish passover celebration a couple of years back. A passover that included his conservative in-laws as well as his own more liberal family. Everyone went around the table, saying the sentimental things – taking the kids, taking the photo albums, an inherited piece of jewellery, even the practical of a case of water. My friend’s 65 year old mother left the room for a bit and came back planting her vibrator in the middle of the table saying ‘That is what I can’t live without!’ to absolute shock to his prudish in-laws.  My friends family were in hysterics, his wife’s family left the building.

And it begs to ask the question? How many single mothers out there would prefer to live with their automated phallic than be bothered going through the dating scene and feeling loved again?

The problem is, when you’ve been in a relationship for so long that ends abruptly, you lose all trust in the other sex. You want to have your independence because you see all the similar traits in all men that you saw in your ex, and you really can’t be bothered. You realise that this is the time to renew ‘you’ not to immediately jump on the next cock that walks through your door. Many women love that they have their own space to explore their own sexuality on their own, so when prospects come our way, unless the prospect is completely devoted to turning us around and believing that not all men are the same, there is little chance of us accepting a real man into our lives again, so our plastic toys have to do…

But as a single mum, we are dedicated to our kids and don’t want different strays coming into our lives to confuse our kids that ‘this one is their new Daddy.’ Or maybe it’s the next one… it’s not fair on them. So our choices become more difficult and it’s hard to let anyone into the family unit that you have created and want to protect. So again, we go back to the reliable vibrator as our saviour.

So maybe that hard long battery operating device is the one thing that we would take to another planet when life on this one fades away. At least we can still make ourselves happy while everything else is uncertain!