You never know when something happens that turns your whole life around. It could be that you meet someone, or you have a health issue, a family member dies or someone treats you wrong and you wake up to it. No matter what, there is that pivotal moment when you know you just have to change your life to make it better.

I’ve had possibly 3 pivotal moments in my life where I had to stop the madness and do the right thing by me. And they have all happened in the last 6-7 years. Sometimes you are so numb to what is going on around you, it’s all foggy and hazy, and you don’t know that you actually need to make a change. But sometimes, the clarity is so clear that you would be a fool not to change direction and do what’s best for you.

It’s scary, and most people will tell you that you are courageous and brave for stepping out of your comfort zone, which is also your danger zone, to find some peace, happiness and some physical and mental healing. And the thing is, only you can make the change… only you can redirect your life to ensure that you maintain a happy and healthy existence, no matter who in your past had been there for you before.

When you’re on your own, as a single parent, you’ve obviously made the choice, or had the choice made for you at some stage of your life – someone, either you or your partner, has had that pivotal moment. Now, you have no one to turn to to get the advice you would get from a close relationship, except for close family and friends, but that partnership thing, your back-up to help sort out the pros and cons, is gone. You have to do it yourself… you have to be even braver and more courageous than ever before.

So while, it will be a relief in the end, the actual decision making and process is daunting, and no matter what, we know we have to go for it, believe that everything will be right in the end, but it’s going to be a hard road getting there. Believe in yourself. Believe in the people around you who support you. Believe that you have put all the right things in place to ensure that you have made a life choice you can never regret.