Love Vs Loneliness

Posted by in Life choices, Relationships on October 14, 2012 0 comments

Some people stay eternally single… You know that they secretly desire to have someone to love them, someone to hold at night, someone to share their life with and you wish that for them too. Some of these people you know for years upon years and have never known them to be with anyone serious. Yes they go on the occasional dates, have someone sleep over every now and again, but nothing to the point of moving in with each other or starting a family together. And I guess for most of us, you get used to your friends staying single. And I think for most people who are single, they get so used to living an independent life that it truly is hard to share a life with someone else, or have someone impose their life onto yours when you have your life just the way you want it… until they fall in love, or someone wants more…

So as many people in your life are at the stage of going through horrible divorces, out comes the eternally single friend who gets engaged. You’re happy for them that they have found someone who they can share their life with, but you want to protect them from the hurt and disharmony that ending a marriage can cause, considering they have a one in two chance of divorce. Maybe they will be eternally engaged or they will be happily married forever because they chose to wait, not like the rest of us, to find their perfect mate.

But the reality is, no one wants to be single, but then no one wants to be unhappy either. Sometimes you need to be single just to find out who you are, but then there are the lonely times when you just wish you had someone to share your happy times with, and it makes those times not as happy as they could have been. There is a fine balance between having the love you’ve always wanted and having your own space to be you, and there really is a small percentage of couples who master the balance and find eternally happiness forever.

So as our eternally single friend finds her happiness and has her chance to share her life with someone who loves her, we wish her the very best, that the love she has with her man is something that lasts a life time and she gets the joy in her marriage that we all desire.