LuckyWe are lucky! The start of a new year is always a good time to re-evaluate what is actually GOOD in your life. There are many ups and downs, and most of us focus on the ‘downs’ in life, complaining our days away, but not really appreciating the positives that life brings us.

The stand outs for me in these first few days in the year have been that I’ve been fortunate enough to spend time with my cousin and his family in New Zealand. We then stayed in a beautiful 5-star golf resort staying in a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment with each room enjoying king size beds and there was a gas fireplace we actually put on, as it was a wintery day, and the next morning, the clouds dissipated and we saw the mountains with stunning caps of fresh snow.  I enjoyed a relaxing massage (which they forgot to charge me – please don’t tell them!) and we drove down to a gorgeous little French historic town called Akaroa where I found a jade carved turtle to add to my turtle collection (if you knew how much I searched high and low to find a turtle in something that was unique to New Zealand, and that I found it in the last place we went to, you too would think I was lucky!). We were also one of the ‘lucky’ tourists who didn’t have a car accident on all the windy roads New Zealand presented to us (apparently most the car accidents in New Zealand are vehicles driven by tourists). When we arrived back to Melbourne, I was expecting to pay $60 extra for my parking at the hotel we stayed the first night of our holiday, but I was just handed my keys and was thanked for our stay.

I also came home to my blessed dog Dexter who has had his own adventures traveling down the coast and getting to play on a farm with other animals and meeting new people. He hasn’t left my side all day today. He has been lovingly cared for, and I couldn’t ask for more. I also had people housesit my apartment whilst I was away, and whilst I did have a couple of complaints about how it was returned to me, it was generally well looked after. And I came home to some work… much needed after about 6 weeks off.

But I guess the most luckiest that I am, is that whilst some people struggle with their lives as being a single mother, I don’t. I keep a fairly clean home, I have two sons who help usually without too much complaining, I have two sons who shower me with love and hugs and always ask if I’m ok or how I slept the night before. I have a great little business that keeps the wolves away, I drive a nice car (well, much better than those rentals in New Zealand I was driving!) and I live comfortably without having to rely on the inconsistent child support that I’m legally supposed to get. Yes, there are struggles at some times, but as I’ve said many a time, I do not consider motherhood ‘hard work’ – it is a joy to see my boys grow up to be the kind considerate young men they are, and the reward is that they appreciated that I’m always there.

The thing is, whilst there are always something to complain about or wish we had, our focus should always be on what is actually working for us, and who knows, maybe those things you complain about won’t be there anymore and the things you wish for are.