One Day…

Posted by in Life choices, Single Mum Life on November 11, 2011 0 comments

We all dream that ‘one day’ all our dreams will come true, that our childhood fantasies come alive and that will be our place of bliss. But how often do we actually live what we set out to do and find that it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be?

But then, if we didn’t have the perceived concept of ‘one day,’ then we wouldn’t have a life worth living. We wouldn’t have any goals, we wouldn’t have anything to look forward to, we wouldn’t strive for ‘better.’ And I guess that’s what depression can do to you… you lose the concept that ‘one day’ life will be better.

So, in saying that, we must continue to dream. Maybe not be so rigid in what we want to happen, but definitely have an outline of where we want to go, what we foresee will bring us happiness. As children, we tend to romanticise the concept of falling in love with our prince, having children and a beautiful home to raise them in. In our minds, there’s a picture of joyous times you share as a family, rolling in the autumn leaves on the front lawn laughing and enjoying each other’s company, baking a cake and flour all over the kitchen and your kids, or even a picnic in the country throwing a frisbee around as you enjoy the Spring sunshine and a slight breeze… but never the reality of paying the bills, working overtime, domestic housework, behavioural issues or any health complaints.

Once we live the life, do our future dreams have a little more sense of reality to them? In some ways yes, in others no. We still dream of winning the lottery to live the lavish life, go on overseas holidays or just get a renovation done. But we do tend to put a more logical train of thought and plan of action into making our dreams come true. We dream of ways that maintain the juggling act of work, school life for our kids, home life and quality family time, but understand that we have to work hard to play hard.

How is it, that some people have the knack to create opportunities for themselves, and others play the same routine game of the endless ‘Groundhog Day’ that life has given them, and they can’t seem to break the monotony? How can you make that small change that will give you a new sense of purpose?

I guess the only thing I can suggest is actual ‘do’ something. Make a phone call, observe more, read more, if you see something that you might like – act on it. This is how ‘one day’ becomes today, tomorrow and your future. Have the courage to take a step forward or a leap of faith and do something different. As once you do take that first step, the second and third steps become so much easier and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do anything for so many years.

You are responsible for your own life, if you can’t make your dreams come alive, no one can. You can’t blame anyone for holding you back and you can’t keep festering in your own wallows if you can’t help yourself. Make it happen, believe in yourself, and ‘one day,’ sooner than later, your world will be a different place and you will find yourself again.