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It’s a funny word ‘respect.’ It’s a word that has a little bit of selfishness in it. You ask someone to respect your feelings, your actions, your words, even if it’s against their morals, way of thinking or inner strength. It’s supposed to be a word that shows that you’re non-judgmental on what the other person is doing or saying, but then if you do or say things that are against the other person, then in essence, you are disrespecting the other person.

So, in this world of selfishness and self-centredness, does ‘respect’ exist? Some say that if you respect yourself, others will respect you too… but is that true? For instance, I am dedicated to my boys, no doubt, and I will not introduce a man into their lives to be a part of my life unless I am totally sure about that man. And most men accept that, supposedly respecting that. But on the sly, they will send me secret messages via text, email or Facebook trying to get me out of my comfort zone with my boys to have an hour of carnal activity, and I’m not interested. They don’t have any respect for me, my wishes or my responsibilities. They just want to have a little fun.

But in saying that, am I disrespecting them by not communicating with them they way they want me to? Hmmm.. let me think about that a little more… NO!!! If they truly wanted to have a life with me or even have a piece of me, they would be wooing me with romance, not text messages saying how they like the way my tits look.

To be honest, most men repulse me at the moment. I know I have an open honest way of talking about sex, life and how I see things, but really, if you can handle my honesty, you can give me your respect.

I try so hard to think of my readers or audience, as as a writer, you think about what your audience wants to hear… and that’s in every conversation I have, every blog I write, every email I send… I try to put myself in my audience’s shoes to give them some levity, some advice, some heart or some love… anything to make them feel better because they know me… but I’m afraid, not much is returned… and you just wonder why there is such a whole world of selfishness out there and not much respect.