Single or attached – the music is in our soul

Posted by in Life choices, Relationships on July 18, 2011 0 comments

Listening to the radio or your favourite CD has enormous powers within. Music can make you feel alive, renew your hope or add to a devastating new event, and for everyone, each song has a different meaning to that which its writer intended. We read into the lyric what we want to read into it, to suit our personal scenario to give us deeper thought and feelings into the events we go through.

Music is the reason for being as a teenager. It helps us identify with our hearts, our developing needs, our young adult restrictions, the peer pressure, our parents, our friendships and our place in this world. Music is possibly at its most powerful as a teenager, and throughout our lives, we will constantly reflect on which era was the best for music based on when we were teenagers as that’s when we most identified with it.

But somewhere along the line, the music fades and it doesn’t speak to us as profoundly as it once did. Other things take over our lives – responsibilities, newly found freedom, life long relationships (at the time they are), creating a new life, buying a house… all the things that tell you that you’ve grown up.

Something hits you in your thirties, and you question yourself again. You question the road you are travelling and wonder how to make it better… so instead of turning to God or some other high spiritual being, you find the answers in the music. You turn it up loud, because you’re allowed to now, you recognise words in the lyric that speak to you again and you play air drums on the steering wheel to help the music enter your soul… You remember how the music made you feel alive, you remember how it bonded you with friends, you remember how in love you were with your favourite pop star. And you want it all back again, because for some reason, it makes you happy again. A happiness that takes you away from your responsibilities into a frame of mind that let’s you be you.

You want to share this part of yourself with your children, you want to let them know that it’s OK to sing at the top of your lungs in the car and tap your feet to the beat. You want to allow them to understand the passion behind the music, feel it in themselves. And they do… and it’s a proud moment for you when they do, because you know in your heart that they will always have the music somewhere in their soul and you showed them the path to it, ensuring that they will always have a safe happy place inside themselves to call home. At home with the music.