The Concept of World Peace

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I was thinking about the concept of world peace while I was driving home from my boot camp today. How is ‘world peace’ possible? It would mean that we all think the same, that we all have the same agenda, that we all earn the same money, that we all live the same lifestyles, that we all would agree on every single little issue in this world. How boring would that be?!

World peace is an idealistic notion that can not be possible. Whilst we wish there was a world with no religion that causes wars, or politicians who don’t make life fair for a certain sector of the community, or taxes that eat up a large proportion of our earnings, or power hungry people who want to make changes that only help their followers, it would be considered a communist world if we all lived by the same rules and religion.  The world’s population is so diverse, and we have so many different theories to argue and prove, we have universities established to extend our brains and make us think beyond what we are told, and we have different experiences to learn and live by, we can’t all be the same.

So, whilst we would like to ‘imagine’ John Lennon’s song to be true, unfortunately, we will always live in a world that there is war in some corner of the world, poverty in another, wealth and power in the developed countries and natural beauty all around. All we can do is seek happiness, learn to smile at everything and pay it forward to create a sense of unity for all.

I would love it if you could add your thoughts about world peace to the comments below.