The last night of my mortgage!

Posted by in Life choices on January 26, 2012 0 comments

In some ways it’s sad… in other ways it’s a relief. It’s the end of all financial connection to my ex-husband and whatever is mine is mine. So it’s good! I’m not burdened with my huge monthly mortgage, nor the maintenance costs, the council rates or the sense of restriction that owning a house can create. Yes, it gives you security that you have a place to call home, a place that you know all your things are and a place where your create family memories, but a house is only the home you make it… and you can make a home wherever you lay your hat. For me, the restriction of a mortgage is also the restriction on my dreams.

Our bags are packed, boxes are ready for storage and we’re pretty much ready to go. My boys are excited that we will be officially homeless as of 2pm tomorrow, with only 2 suitcases and a backpack/laptop bag to drag around each. We have a week to say goodbye to everyone, including two days of school for my boys, before we set off on our great adventure.

It’s amazing how much stuff I have given away, Ebayed, donated to charity or just thrown in the bin. I have our belongings to the bare minimum of what we want to keep for when we get back. I remember when I moved in here, we were pretty much functioning and I still had over fifty boxes to unpack. I’ve got rid of so much stuff, I am only moving 25 boxes – that’s it! The hard stuff is finding a home for all the opened fridge/freezer food and the cleaning products… neighbours will only take so much 🙂  But it really does make you understand how much you can get by to live on… The memory of ‘things’ will always be with you, you don’t need to have them around you to remember.

But the one thing that sort of gets to me is looking at my keyring and seeing that all I will have left on it is a key to a storage facility and a whole heap of luggage padlock keys until I arrive at my new destination in ten days time. In some ways it’s liberating, in other ways it’s a little frightening, but I’m looking at the positive, knowing that we are about to embark on an adventure, about to live a completely different life, a more simpler life and a much more affordable life than what we’re accustomed.

What will happen after tomorrow will be amazing… I so can’t wait for it all to happen!