The Word for the Day: Romance

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I’ve decided I will start a new segment… Every day, I read one word that describes what my day will be like according to my horoscope. I know these things are just what we make of them, but sometimes they are guidance, and maybe we should live our lives accordingly. Sometimes they are positive words, sometimes they are negative. So I am going to try each day to show you how I’ve made my ‘word of the day’ part of my day, by reflecting on my positive and hopefully make myself aware of my negative qualities.

Today’s ‘Word of the Day’ is Romance.

Well that’s a hard one based on the fact that there is no romantic person to share my life with at the moment. However I did have a little whirlwind romance with myself today. And I’m not talking about masturbation (that’s for later!)

My dog woke me up at 7.15am, scratching at the door to go for his morning walk. I was hoping to have a lay in, because I had no where better to go, but he got me up, and we went for our walk… possibly the best decision I made all day. Because it made me make even better decisions for the rest of the day. I finished a novel I started a couple of days ago, and yes, the last three-four chapters were building the arrogant male-character who just could not ‘love’ a woman because his horrible mother left him at an early age, to finally meeting up with the girl who ‘could not be loved by him’ under the Eiffel Tower as he realised that he was lost without her and that he did love her after all, and they lived happily ever after (apparently there is a sequel saying so!).

After reading, I had a shower, breakfast and took my oldest son out on some errands. We came back home, and just got domesticated. We washed away the old… washed sheets, and stinking hockey gear, and smelly school clothes from the past week. I collated my youngest son’s school and medical records and put together his archive box, got rid of directories from my bookcase which were a few years old, cut away the old mouldy stem of the last rose a man gave me and put the perfectly formed dried rose away as a keepsake, and just got rid of the past from my everyday living to make way for the new. It was cleansing and revivifying. The sun was out and it felt good to do these things that had been pestering my brain for months now.

While I was at the laundromat getting some of the bigger items done, I had a chat with my best friend, and it was the first time in ages we really laughed. She has a crazy new neighbour who she’s trying to avoid, and somehow she tripped up and hurt herself running away from her. Her 3 year old daughter couldn’t stop laughing, and we all saw the funny side of it. Then I told her that I accidentally stood on some freshly laid concrete leaving a nice size 10 ugg boot print on it, and for the first time in forever, I didn’t care… what could I do? My best friend told me I should have turned back and drawn it into a penis and made the most of it… but it’s all funny in hindsight.

I came home and took my youngest son to basketball, watching the game and talking to another girlfriend about her new adventures in life. We were cheering the boys on and having a few giggles to the side. On the way home, we grabbed some Chinese, ate the prawn crackers on the way home, ate our special fried rice and lemon chicken, and watched a really nice movie (“St Vincent” with Bill Murray, Naomi Watts and Melissa McCartney).

I go to bed tonight, with fresh sheets and my cuddly puppy, and a fresh sense of vitality knowing that I am going to get things done again tomorrow. As I said, today was about having a romance with myself. Being OK with what’s going on around me, making sure my boys are happy and our little family is safe, well and content. And it truly makes a difference when there is a mood change in the house.

Today’s moral: Don’t take life so seriously, because then life becomes too serious.