Today’s word: Calm

Posted by in Life choices Tags: , , on May 26, 2015 0 comments

Don’t you love days where there is nothing to stress about, nothing to rush around about, nothing to concern yourself with? Well, luckily today was one of those days!

I took everything in my stride today. From being flexible with work, to organising a pizza night for the hockey club for Friday night, to needing to wash Dexter my dog after he jumped in way too much mud on our morning walk, to even dropping my son’s forgotten lunch off at school (which he was pretty happy that I did!). Usually I would stress out about each and every little thing knowing that I don’t have time for all the incidentals, but not today… I was ‘calm’ and just went along for the ride…

And somedays we just have to let it happen… not get frustrated with all the jigsaw puzzle pieces that show up in our day. Somehow, they all intermesh and it all works and we wonder why we were so highly-strung about fitting in that extra five minute job.

So whilst I say my day has been very calm, I still have the struggle of school homework for my dyslexic son to help him get through… hmmm, he’s fine once he’s doing it, it’s just getting him to do it! Maybe the moral of the day is just ‘Keep calm, like all those British signs’ 🙂