Today’s Word: Confused

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There are many days in my life that I feel confused. Unsure about people’s words vs their actions, and even sometimes when words say one thing and then something completely different in the same sentence, but today isn’t one of those days. It’s one of those days where there is a parody of confusion in this world which we can laugh at, or concern ourselves with, but no matter what, we can say that this world is as crazy as the people in it 🙂

To start with, I confused my tastebuds this morning with mixing a pain du chocolat with a chaser of orange juice… I have no idea why, they really didn’t go together.

I checked Facebook, to see a girlfriend in New Mexico tell that me that it’s snowing in May over there, just a few weeks before summer hits, when we have a glorious day of sunshine in Melbourne, with only a few weeks before our snow season hits. Hmmm… me thinks the world is a little confused.

I’m confused to know why my print-on-demand company sent me a disk of my book via the post, all the way from New Jersey, and there is nothing on it. Or, my laptop is not processing it… but then I went to try the disc on the MacBook I bought last year, and there is no place to put a disc into it, which confuses me a little because I didn’t realise receiving things on disc was so archaic.

I’m confused why my son’s friend said he would be over in half an hour and took almost 2 hours to get here, without any apology. And I am seriously confused why he didn’t give my son his phone number so that he could find out where he was, or to confirm he was coming over. (The phone number he called on had no caller ID).

And lastly, I seriously confused myself when I got the cleaning bug, it seriously is a rare occurrence.

So whilst to some, all these things would be the detriment to them, they were nothing in the whole scheme of the day. I would normally consider a ‘confused’ day to give me a negative influence, but not today. The sun is shining on a gorgeous Sunday, my kids are happy, healthy, helpful and playing nicely together, my dog is extra cuddly at the moment, and I’m doing my best to laugh at all the things that don’t make sense, and smile at all the things the good things that make my world.

Moral of the day: Let things happen, and laugh with them.