Today’s Word: Inventive

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As a single mum, you tend to make every day inventive. Somehow you invent ‘time’ to make things happen when most people would be overwhelmed with how much needs to be done, you invent ‘possibilities’ to allow your children to have the best you can give them, and you invent ‘problems’ because a mum’s job is constantly full of worry, when it needn’t be.

Did I ‘invent’ anything today? Not in the literal sense. No flugalbinders (‘Cocktail’ movie lovers would understand that!), or jet-propelled pogo-sticks for me… My ‘cooking’ consisted of peeling a banana and eating it, a stop over at a 7-Eleven for lunch and most likely some sort of take-away for dinner due to a late training practice for my son. My work is constantly creative, so yes, I ‘invented’ some lyrical prose to help people sell their homes, and found an inventive way to tell the telephone company off for over-charging me once again. Oh, and I did ‘inventively’ slam on the brakes when a serious nut-case decided to do a suicide run across a major road and stood still in my lane before I almost crashed into him (luckily no one crashed into me!), but all in all, not so inventive, except for having a little fun with this blog 🙂