Today’s word: Thrifty

Posted by in Life choices, Single Mum Life Tags: , , , on May 29, 2015 0 comments

Most people who know me, know that I have quite a generous heart and soul, but some days, you get into being a little bit ‘thrifty’, for the sake of either others or the environment. So there are three things that have been part of my day to make it ‘thrifty.’

1. I am the social co-ordinator of my son’s hockey team, and we are having a pizza night tonight. I have managed to get 1/2 a pizza + a can of drink for each person participating for $5, however there will be a fairly hefty profit from that, which will go to the club.

2. Instead of buying some new winter boots, I need to get two pairs fixed… one needs to be resoled and one has a missing leather button from its side. I spend a good hour trying to find a replacement leather button, but had to settle for a plastic do-it-yourself button where I’m hoping the shoe-repairer has a piece of leather to shape over it to make them look the same. Hopefully it can be done.

3. I’ve been eBaying a few of the boys outgrown clothes that they have rarely worn, just to get rid of the pile of clothes that are too good to give away. If they don’t go, my son’s tutoring service is organising to send some clothes and supplies over to the earthquake victims of Nepal, so they will go there if not sold by Sunday.

So that’s my thriftiness for the day. Sometimes thriftiness is a necessity in life, sometimes it’s just good to know that you can live on a tight budget if you need to, and it makes you feel good when you can, or if you get a bargain!