Today’s word: Unselfish

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As a single mum, your days are generally unselfish as you do what you can for your kids, but sometimes you need someone to do things for you, and as hard as it is to accept it, sometimes there just isn’t anyone there for you. You plod along, you go about your daily grind and you feel all the aches and pains of going through the motions because, the most part, you live a thankless life.

It was a hard start for me this morning, and as much as I wanted to blow up and be upset with someone who said they could help me two days ago and then retract it, for something I really really need in a couple of weeks, I stayed composed and worked out a solution, then sent a text to tell them that it was “all good” a few hours later. My result is, though, that, I’m doing it on my own because it is literally unbearable asking anyone else (this person was the third knock-back) to help because the disappointment is too intense.

The day went by, I worked today more than I have all week, getting through it all, then I get a message from a client to see if I can work on Saturday. SATURDAY?!! When you start your working day at 4am and don’t finish until 8pm most weekdays, by the time you deal with all the admin and phone calls you need to get through, you’re weekends are precious, so Saturday work is usually a no-go for me, but as the theme for today is ‘unselfish’ I said yes.

An unselfish act that was a surprise today, was that my son’s mentor teacher found his lost spray jacket and handed it to him. He lost it when he shaved his head for the World’s Greatest Shave a couple of months ago and the weather started getting cooler. With a lack of hair on his head, he really felt the cold, but couldn’t find his jacket. So I bought him a new one for the winter months, and now he’s found it… luckily his little brother will be at that school next year and I don’t need to buy another one for him!

So whilst our selfless acts mostly go unnoticed, it’s nice to see something come back to you. 🙂