Today’s word: Yearning

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Every Monday, Mondayitis sets in… We would all love to ‘yearn’ about our next big holiday, not having to work on a Monday, having a scrumptious man to make love to, or sun-baking on a tropical island. But we know, for most, it’s just not reality.

Yearning, by definition, is a feeling of intense longing for something. Simply, its not being satisfied with what you have available in your life at the present. It’s dreaming and fantasising about everything that takes your focus off what your need to achieve in that present day. And yet, while our lives are so so full, we still ‘yearn’ for more.

I’m far from materialistic, but many ‘yearn’ for a better car, a better house, a boat, a motorbike or a bit of botox. For me, I yearn for a simpler life, laughing with genuine friends, a mutual love and a life filled with travel that enables me to discover new things about the world. It’s not about a richer life with a bigger bank account, it’s about a richer life of happiness and vitality. Yet, while I am happy with most of what I have, none of the yearning stops me from being the best I can be for myself and my boys.

I know if I don’t keep myself busy, I lose focus and the hours in the day run away while I’m day-dreaming or yearning for the things that I don’t have. So I can’t afford to yearn, like so many of us out there, yet it seems to be human nature to want more than what we have.

So maybe the moral for today, is to be happy with what we have, embrace the beauty in the people who love you, the privileges you have over so many others like the roof over your head and the food on the table, and be thankful that you have the necessities in life to make life comfortable. After all, if you’re reading this blog, you have power and light, and an address for your internet provider to send your bill to (unless you’re reading this from the computer at the library). If you have to yearn for anything, yearn for happiness and vitality to always be in your life.