When the Energy Isn’t Right

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I went to a house the other day, and the owner said she felt trapped… trapped in a house that she couldn’t stand to live in, trapped in a house that made her literally depressed. She had been there for seven years for the sake of her children who had school and jobs in the local area. She didn’t realise what it was that was making her feel so horrible inside that she couldn’t face getting up to go to work, or she didn’t want her children to see her like this, until she found enough energy to get in the car with a friend, and drive away… Her friend took her about 50kms away to a place where she felt her spirit open up and excite her senses again. Within two days, she bought herself a new home in this seaside suburb and she prepared the old house for sale. Her whole energy had changed to be like a giggling little girl about to sit on Santa’s knee.

The house she was living in, didn’t appear to have any bad energy in it – it was light filled, had beautiful views of the cottage gardens, a great flow of indoor outdoor living and it was seriously private…  could have easily lived there because it felt homely and warm while feeling distant from your neighbours. It could have been a great house for me, but it wasn’t the right home for her.

There are thee types of messages in my novel “On the Road to the Best Orgasm Ever.” Sarah goes through some times where she feels trapped in a world she doesn’t want to live in. She is tied down by people, mostly family, who have certain expectations of her, yet she struggles internally with what sits right with her and their expectations. She doesn’t want to appear to be selfish, yet she knows she’s responsible for her children and she is all they have. Yet, she suffers to know what is the right thing to do. Yet when she finds it, it feels like her lungs can finally breathe, her ability to embrace the world overwhelms her and she finds harmony within herself, and be there for the ones that matter.

So when you are struggling to be the best you can be, think about your environment… think about the people around you and if they are suffocating you, and take the action to make your home be in a better place for your wellbeing.