Ever Wondered How Men Could Have a Baby?

Posted by in Parenting Tags: , on June 10, 2015 0 comments

I had a little conversation today with a client, who was surprised I was up and about after my surgery last week, and he said “Gee, women are tough, they get through anything. Can you imagine a man having a baby?”

And I said, “Where would it come out from?”

Which made me start thinking… if a man was able to give birth to a baby through their penis, the baby would have to survive possibly a 9 week gestation period, because the morning sickness would be unbearable and then the baby would have to be squeezed through his urethra. If a woman dilates 10 centimetres from her 2 centimetre wide vagina, then a man would need to dilate 10 millimetres to get through his 2 millimetre hole, so the baby literally couldn’t be much more that 9 weeks old, because then the baby would be the size of a grape, and about one inch long.

So, how would a ‘man’ look after a 9 week gestated baby for the next 31 weeks it actually needs to be incubated to be properly born? Well, survival of the human species would be dead and buried, as it’s not physically possible. With today’s technology, we’re lucky to get 24 week old foetuses to survive.

Let’s face it, it will always be a woman’s job, and one we can be proud of. 🙂