The Blackboard

Posted by in Parenting on January 2, 2013 0 comments

These school holidays, I introduced the ‘blackboard!’ It’s positioned outside my bedroom door on the outer wall, only I’m allowed to write on it and it outlines what we are going to do that day. The point of the blackboard is to let the ‘peeps of the house’ know what is happening when they wake up in the morning, know what’s expected and essentially, when it’s all done, they have free time.

We’ve had everything on it from going to doing homework, gardening, cleaning the house, outings to friend’s houses, going for bike rides, to quiet days and rewards if things are done by a certain time. Yesterday, my 9 year old wanted to go go-karting, and we had it on the blackboard that we would, but by the time we had everything done on the blackboard, it was 4pm. I had a look at the website for the go-kart place he wanted to go to, and they closed at 5pm which would have been pointless trying to get there. We had tears and all sorts, so I explained if he didn’t fuss about so much, then we would have had time. So today, he understood that getting it done early meant that we could go… which we did. We got there at 12.30pm… a much better improvement to our family productivity! (But then again, New Years Day, you’re allowed a sleep in!)
My boys have been a little cheeky and have rubbed off a couple of things before I wake up in the morning, but I’ve now told them that instead of 4 pages of homework for the day, they will do 6 pages… so they understand now not to mess with me and the blackboard!
I plan to continue the use of the blackboard when school’s back, just to get some organisation and understanding with my boys to be on top of things. If it’s their homework, sports practice, chores around the house, friend’s play dates or even explaining that I need some quiet time because I have too much work to do.
So far, a little over a week into having the ‘blackboard’ as part of the family, there is still positivity to it. The boys understand that the items on the blackboard are the necessities and happenings of the day. Let’s hope it continues 🙂