The One Thing All Parents Have to Deal With… Vomit!!

Posted by in Parenting Tags: , , on May 8, 2015 0 comments

Yes, it’s not a pleasant blog today, but it’s one of those things that either makes us squeamish or realise that we are a parent and have to deal with it. As a parent, most of us will deal with our own kid’s or pet’s vomit, but we can’t stand the smell, look or touch of another person’s or pet’s vomit. And the same thing goes for the other end too!

I have two kids, and they vomit in different ways… My oldest son will vomit without warning. Projectile all over the back of the car, or down the hallway, or ‘around’ the toilet instead of inside the toilet. I was very proud of him recently, when he said he felt sick and he actually took himself to the toilet in time to make it all go ‘into’ the toilet. Hey, it only took 13.5 years! Whereas, my other son, will say he doesn’t feel well, and I will ask him if he needs a bucket, he will say ‘yes’ if he feels it’s going to be like that, and within about 15-30 minutes of getting the bucket, he will have carefully got his mouth so that everything goes into the bucket. When he’s finished, it goes down the toilet, the bucket gets a rinse out with some disinfectant and handed back for ‘just in case.’

I’m afraid, the way we handle things is just how we are built. My oldest, will probably always be the projectile vomiter, whereas my youngest will be more considerate and understand his needs. I have friends who vomit in their sleep after a big night out and are oblivious to the mess they are sleeping in and feel to ordinary in the morning to clean it up, so ask their partner or best mate to help them. Whereas, some rely on the help of just having your hair held back when you’re hovering over the toilet bowl or in the middle of a football oval. And sometimes, you just have to rely on yourself…

As a parent, I do get a little bit squeamish cleaning up the remnants, and it’s worse when the smell lingers in the carpet or the back of your car for weeks, but I know it’s my job to be there for my kids and do what it takes to make us all feel comfortable. And as a single parent, you just have to do it… you have no choice, you have no back up. You have to build up your courage to deal with all bodily fluids and solids that come out of your kids’ mouths, skin and bottom areas, and grow an iron stomach to get through it. It’s where you have to accept that farts are funny, no matter how smelly they are. You have to accept that vomit is just what they ate the night before and is probably floating around in your stomach too, and as for poo… well that can be as runny or as rocky as it wants to be, and nothing that a mop or a plunger can’t fix.

But somehow, we all get through it. We aren’t emotionally traumatised by the fact that we had to clean up after our kids or pets, we just do it… and in a few months, we all laugh about it! Because we are parents, and we do what we can to make it easier for and look after our kids.