Can a man really satisfy a woman?

Posted by in Relationships on February 21, 2012 0 comments

Now, I’m going to get a little R rated here, so make sure the kids aren’t around when you’re reading this!

I pose you a thought… How absolutely mind-blowing are your orgasms? They say that women’s orgasms have the potential to be ten times the power of a male orgasm, but with all the sexual play you have with your mate, are you thinking that they are about on par with what they are having or even worse, not really getting there at all.

So how is it possible? Think about all those documentaries your saw in school about animals ‘doing it.’ How a female dog, horse or cow somehow latches onto her male impregnator and won’t let him go until the deed is done. We are all mammals, so is it possible for a woman to ‘latch on’ to her mate’s appendage in the throes of passion to have the ultimate orgasm?

My answer to that is ‘yes.’ He has to be hard enough, succumb to all your wetness, be able to bounce off your cervix with the tip of his penis, be able to connect his body with your clit to rub it in just the right way, and ka-pow! You are having an orgasm that is so powerful, so intense that he is stuck inside you feeling the quivers of your intense orgasm as you’ve latched on, enticing him to cum with the uncontrollable contractions of your vagina. After all, it’s nature… it’s the way it’s supposed to be done.

I’ve had chats with friends about this, as they like to get into the intimate details of it all and because I’m fairly open about these things…  how exactly can you make it happen? It really is all about having the connection… a mind and spiritual connection that transfers to ALL your sensual spots. Your breasts, your skin, your lips, your neck, your toes, your clit, your vagina and even your anus. It’s learning about each other in ways that you are truly open and honest with each other about how his touch feels and how well you show him how he can improve. But the problem there is that there is a high percentage of women who haven’t explored their bodies well enough to know exactly what turns them on. We essentially have 4 erogenous zones in our genital area that can take us to the moon and back – our G spot, our clit, the edge of our cervix & our anus. If you have all of these areas stimulated at once, you could have the most mind-blowing orgasm from your clit, your vagina and your anus all at once (mind you, it’s not really lady-like having an anal orgasm, as the contractions of your anus as you orgasm tend to make you fart!). And if you can get stimulated at the depths of your breasts, with everything else rocking your world, you will never go back. They are incredible.

So, how do you get your man to not fumble his way into ‘thinking’ he’s turning you on? I guess the only way is if we truly know what we want and how we want it. Unfortunately, most men are truly selfish lovers. They get turned on by your jiggling breasts and are more interested in maintaining a hard-on than pleasuring you. Really, why do us girls put up with that? I’d rather go to bed with a toy than a man who doesn’t know what he’s doing. At least I know what I’m doing.

So I guess girls, it’s up to us AGAIN!! We need to know what truly makes us tick, because if we don’t, how can we expect a man to know?