Feeling numb…

Posted by in Relationships, Single Mum Life on August 22, 2011 0 comments

Remember when you were with your children’s father and how sex used to be a ritual like fish n chips on a Friday night? Boring, monotonous and it took you forever to cum? The weekly ritual would occasionally skip a week because you were too tired, you had something going on or your son was sick and he was more important than your waning sex drive. But you weren’t just numb to your sex drive, you were numb to your emotions, your feelings, your passion, your own integrity. You were actual numb to ‘you.’

How did this happen? When did this happen? Why did this happen? How did that vibrant, vivacious, fun-loving girl turn into a nagging, stressed out, unappreciated woman?

It happens to all of us, but we get to the bottom of lows before we realise that this is not the person we want to be anymore… we want the excitement back, we want to taste the food, not just wash down fish sticks with apple juice because our kids are. We want the freshly poached salmon in a white wine and lemon jus with a side of broccolini and rosemary and sea salt roast potatoes complemented by a nicely chilled Sauv Blanc. We want to feel what it’s like to be desirable again, we want to be lusted over, we want to see the passion in a man’s eyes for us, we want to feel good in our own skin. When did those lacey number of lingerie get replaced with high waisted full briefs? Arrgghhh… where did I go?

For all the single mums who’ve moved on from their horrible lives, you know what I’m talking about… But for those who haven’t, and are still dwelling on what could have been with your ex or thinking that no one will ever love you again, it’s not too late.  This is where romance novels sell in their millions… go on… go buy one and live that life!

Really, what is stopping you? You’re not being unfaithful to anyone. Start inviting tradesmen over to do some work around the house and accidentally fall into bed with one (or all) of them. And it’s perfect timing to have a liaison with a strapping younger man while the kids are at school. When else are you going to get yourself lucky? Start going for regular walks or runs to get rid of those unwanted pounds, but instead of doing it for your ex, or your family – do it for you, because you want to feel good about yourself. Indulge in some adult food when you go supermarket shopping and make yourself a nice little platter to tantalise your tastebuds while you take in the intensity of your romance novel. Take yourself off to the movies and watch a chick flick, rather than a G rated cartoon your kids are eager to see. Treat yourself because you can.

There are so many things that can make you feel alive if you put your mind to it. But only you can do it for you. No one else can. And once you start feeling good about yourself, you’ll start believing in yourself again knowing that you can be that vibrant, vivacious girl again. And the best thing about all of it, is if you start believing in yourself, your kids will feel it, see it and start doing it themselves, and then you’ll have a truly happy household again. Confidence breeds confidence, so stop feeling numb and get out there!!!