For all the beautiful people…

Posted by in Relationships on November 19, 2012 0 comments

…who’ve touched my life. I just want to say ‘Thank You.’ There are many days that are extremely hard being a single mother 100% of the time, working stupid hours to essentially keep my clients happy to ultimately ensure I retain repeat business and maintain a certain lifestyle for my boys, having to deal with the ups and downs of raising children especially one who has learning difficulties, keeping up with paying the bills and dealing with a narcissistic ex who causes more pain than what is necessary to my boys.

But it’s all the beautiful people in my life that give me the strength to carry on… I have friends in Sydney, the Gold Coast and two just up the street who have been there in the most incredible way for me over the last couple of days. I had a complete stranger at a property I went to this morning, greet me with a hug and a kiss as I walked in her door today and we both just needed a chat. I have clients who keep me smiling with their real estate antics and take my mind off all the things that make me upset… and they generally make me upset because it’s a lonely job being a single parent, and all those married people who have had their families intact throughout their lives really have no idea what it’s like, day in day out.

But I also thank all those who put my life into perspective… like the man who had to cancel his appointment with me for the second time in a week, because he was too sick from his chemotherapy drugs to answer the door. And the developer who lost $400,000 off a development project due to the market turning, when I whinge about losing $100,000 last year off my last real estate transaction. My life ain’t that bad in the whole scheme of things… I have my health, my children, my business, a roof over my head, no debt, my dreams and many people who care about me all over the world, even if they have a quirky way of showing it, and I have a quirky way of appreciating it, I do have them, and that’s a whole lot more than millions of others in this world.

Thank you to the friend who made me realise that old age does strange things to your loved ones. Thank you to the friend who sent me a surprise pre-birthday message and promised to call me tomorrow. Thank you to the friend who said she’ll take me to lunch tomorrow so I’m not alone. Thank you to my boys for being the best brothers they could be to each other… and the most loving sons a mum could ask for. Thank you to my most beautiful friend for letting me let off my steam and shed my tears without any judgement and only praise for who I am.

I am so lucky to have so many beautiful, caring, loving people in my life… I am truly grateful… Thank you all for being there… xx