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I will admit, I have never felt the benefits of true friendship, and not so true friendship than I have over past few years. A divorce can really sort out the truth behind your friendships and relationships in general.

But I’m here today to celebrate the beauty of friendship. Like anything, children, sports, musical favourites… divorce too can give you a common bond with friends. They become your biggest support when no one else knows what it’s like to go through it. I have had some amazing friends support me over the last couple of years… some who have been through a divorce and remarried or repartnered, others who have contemplated ending their marriage but see the hope within it to keep carrying on.

I have not felt a love or willingness to help me as much as I have over the past two years. Friends who are willing to listen to my ordeals, speak their mind if they feel that I’m going on a tangent, but generally support my decisions in the way I go about choosing to live my life. All judgement is thrown out the window, because they sincerely care and want to help my boys and me. I’ve been included in their families for Christmas lunch, I’ve had friends race over to help me move furniture, I’ve had a few drunken moments to lighten the load, but most of all, I’ve shared hugs, tears and some fabulous times with some amazing people.

For all my friends, near and far, I thank you for being everything I’d always wanted in a friend but never had until my late thirties. I thank you for your selflessness, making time for me around your busy schedules and your unconditional support. If only I could get you all in one room – friends in the UK, friends in the US, friends interstate and friends who are local, just to give you all a collective heart and show my appreciation.

(well if I can get a book published and put on a best-sellers list, maybe we can have a collective celebration one day and I will fly you all to a fabulous party at one of my favourite places).