Knowing Who Your True Friends Are…

Posted by in Relationships on September 14, 2011 0 comments

Life gives us tests. Tests that can break us or make us stronger. As we have friends – friends who can break us or make us stronger. Some friends point out our weaknesses in a drunken fury, other friends show us their love and appreciation for us under the same intoxicating spell. Some friends always seem to need something from you, but when you ask for something in return, they can’t give back with the same enthusiasm and capacity as you’ve given to them. But true friends help you, guide you and make you laugh out loud when you feel that your life can get no worse.

The reason why there has been a lack of posts of late, is that I’ve had a fairly tumultuous time in recent weeks that stop me from writing in my positive ‘go-gether’ ways. And it’s been the true friends who have shone for me these last few weeks, even above their own problems that in their own way, are monumental in their own lives: Husbands losing jobs, husbands taking on short-term jobs interstate, wives going through pregnancy, friends packing to move permanently interstate, friends losing family members… everyone seems to be going through some type of life-changing moment, but they are the ones who are there to support me, check up on me, make me smile and make me forget about my woes.
And the funny thing is, some friends are friendships that have been rekindled through Facebook from high school years, some are old flames and some are friends who just seem to have popped out of no where and created a brand new bond over the last couple of years through my boys, through work and through the internet. Some live around the corner, some live interstate, and some live overseas. Everyone is so different, so kind and so generous of their time.  
So in this public forum, I would love to Thank You all for being there, some every couple of days, some daily, some twice daily or even more, for being the best ‘family’ of friends a single mum could have. Thank You!